03 March : Draw with us

Challenge description Come draw with us! Hint! Changing your color is the first step towards happiness. Author: stackola First impression At first glance we thought it was a black box challenge. Later we found the server side code called app.js. The server side code was written in node.js with express.js


03 March : Cubeworld #1 :

Step 1 The first step of the challenge was looking at the key_*.png files. The files contained images of a cube with latin letters on it. We labeled a cube with the letters found in the images. Step 2 A significant clue that was given, was that the solution had


03 March : Chip 8

CHIP 8 /1 We were given a web-based implementation of the chip8 emulator. The chip has 4KB memory (shared for code and data)16 1B general purpose registers (V0-V15)a special 2B register (I) (which is used by display instructions)a program counter (PC)a 64x32-pixel monochrome display(it also has a stack, carry flag


03 March : Bad Keys

Similiar to the setup of RSA is easy #1 and RSA is easy #2. This time, encryption is done on the plaintext as a whole and not for every byte separately, In addition we get the public key, the encrypted flag and remote access to a key-generation server. The key-generation


03 March : mama_bear

Mama Bear We did not finish the task on time We received mama_bear binary - who received 2 inputs - password and secret, and return the output, which looks similar to the output in the description. After some reversing, we realized that it's a vm - having an instruction set


03 March : hackdex

HackDex Writeup The challenge starts by having 2 files: - hackdex, ELF file. - hacktm.hdex, text file. Description Considering your possible trip to Timisoara in May, we thought it is not a bad idea to support you with a simple English to Romanian dictionary program. Today we're releasing a preview


03 March : Find My Pass

Find My Pass The Challenge I managed to forget my password for my KeePass Database but luckily I had it still open and managed to get a dump of the system's memory. Can you please help me recover my password? https://ctfx.hacktm.ro/ I should mention that the actual task was to


03 March : count-on-me

Description: There is no description for the challenge. The zip file includes three resources: challenge.txt - gives us the encryption scheme - AES 256 CBC mode, iv, and ciphertext to decrypt aes.py - simple example of how to use Crypto.Cipher to encrypt/decrypt in Python key.png - presumably a representation of


03 March : baby_bear

Baby Bear Framework baby_bear challenge was classified as reversing challenge. The file was given and was 64-bit x86-64 statically linked file. In order to get the flag, it was needed to connect a remote session and challenge the remote session baby_bear process. Runnning readelf on the baby_bear file find two


03 March : ananas

hackTM2020 ananas writeup We are given a ananas.pcapng packet capture and a hint that a camera/video is involved... 1. obtaining a binary this looks like a windows binary, so we save the binary into ananas.exe > file ananas.exe ananas.exe: PE32 executable (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB), for MS



defcon 2020 quals – fountain_ooo_relive

fountain-ooo-reliving Problem description We have found the fountain OOO RElive.

July 07,2020
defcon 2020 quals – uploooadit

Defcon Quals - uploooadit challenge We started off with a

July 07,2020
The dragon sleeps at night

Challenge overview The challenge description provided solely an ip &

March 03,2020