11 November : AES manipulated

The challenge: Another dimension, the year is 31337. All software has been eliminated and replaced by far superior, configurable hardware. The experiments started in 2019 when the FFF, the Fraternity for FPGA, published an AES implementation. To show the superiority of their design, individuals would receive the greatest honors if


11 November : futuretran

solving futuretran 2019@ctf@hack.lu (original URL: https://fluxfingersforfuture.fluxfingers.net/challenges/35) The task Complex, unsafe languages are the past. We've built a new programming language for the future that uses only a fraction of the instructions of RISC. This should be easy, right?In addition we have 2 files, flag.ftb and interpreter.py Initial analysis of the


11 November : breaktime riddle

Understanding the question: There are 2 files on the server – riddle.py and secret.py – if you solve riddle.py the secret.py consisting the flag is printed. The riddle itself is somewhat of an alteration to the classic “liars riddle” – given 3 people – one that always tells the truth,


07 July : Reverse Cellular Automata

We were given a single random step in a cellular automata which follows Wolfram rule 126 and its boundary condition wraps around so that the last bit is a neighbor of the first bit - 0x66de3c1bf87fdfcf . The following image represents rule 126 by describing all possible cases and outcomes:


07 July : Malvertising

Unravel the layers of malvertising to uncover the Flag https://malvertising.web.ctfcompetition.com/ Challenge overview When we open the link we encounter a page that looks like a youtube page but after inspecting the source we can see that the page is built from a photo and an iframe. ... <html> ... <head>


07 July : flagrom

In Google's 2019 CTF competition, a few hardware challenges were introduced. This is a detailed write-up for the flagrom challenge. If you're only interested in the bugs and the solution - there's a TL;DR section for you! :) First, we will go over the files the challenge presents, dissect them,


07 July : flaggybird

Overcome insurmountable obstacles then find the secret combination to get the flag. The attached ZIP contains an APK (875.9KB) To pass the first & second levels you need to jump from the ground to the top floor, if you miss you fall back to the start, pretty exhausting, would be


07 July : Doomed to Repeat It

The challenge starts with the following text: Play the classic game Memory. Feel free to download and study the source code. you can either press a link to play the game online or download a zip file containing the game source code (in go). We first tried playing the game


07 July : Quantum Key Distribution

The challenge is described as follows: Generate a key using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) algorithm and decrypt the flag. We're given an encrypted flag U2FsdGVkX19OI2T2J9zJbjMrmI0YSTS+zJ7fnxu1YcGftgkeyVMMwa+NNMG6fGgjROM/hUvvUxUGhctU8fqH4titwti7HbwNMxFxfIR+lR4= We're told that the encryption key is being shared by a simulated Quantum satellite implementing BB84. We're given a URL to which we can POST


07 July : Dialtone challenge

"You might need a pitch-perfect voice to solve this one. Once you crack the code, the flag is CTF{code}." Initial thoughts Unlike other challenges we probably need to find a 'code' which will be part of the flag. Dialtone sounds like something related to telecommunications, and the description probably verifies



defcon 2020 quals – fountain_ooo_relive

fountain-ooo-reliving Problem description We have found the fountain OOO RElive.

July 07,2020
defcon 2020 quals – uploooadit

Defcon Quals - uploooadit challenge We started off with a

July 07,2020
The dragon sleeps at night

Challenge overview The challenge description provided solely an ip &

March 03,2020